Unveil The Secrets Behind Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

Do lash extensions work with hooded eyes? If so, how to create a well-designed lash map for hooded eyes? Let’s follow our article to solve all your wonders.

Do lash extensions work with hooded eyes? What lash map for hooded eyes would be the best choice to complement this eye shape? Let our article give you a hand by unveiling the unique characteristics of hooded eyes, the most popular lash styles for this eye shape, and steps on creating a well-designed lash map. Wait no more! Let’s jump into the sections below to uncover everything about mapping for hooded eyes!

How To Know If Your Clients Have Hooded Eyes

The first step on the journey to create a beautiful lash map for hooded eyes is to identify if your client has this eye shape. Here are three key signs showing your client has hooded eyes:

Ways to know whether your clients have hooded eyelids
  • Excess skin from the brow bone: Look at your client’s brow bone and upper eyelid. If they have excess skin from the brow bone folds over their eyelids when they open their eyes, then they most likely have hooded eyes.
  • Less noticeable crease: The presence of excess skin usually leads to minimal to no visible crease. The drooping skin might partly or entirely cover the natural crease, making it less visible. Thus, if your clients have less noticeable creases when their eyes are open, they might have hooded eyes.
  • Perception of smaller eyes: Since excess skin reduces the visible lid space, it gives the illusion of narrower eyes.
  • An important note: You can only evaluate if your clients have hooded eyes by evaluating the eye features when they are open. With closed eyes, you can’t see any signs, such as excess skin or hidden creases.

Follow the above ways to identify if your client has hooded eyes and the hood level. This is the foundation to find the right lash map for your clients.

What Is The Best Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

Since the excess skin droops on the eyelid, it’s challenging to design a suitable lash map that flatters the eyes. In that difficult situation, the following lash maps, including cat-eye, doll eye, wispy, and open-eye, will do you a favor. They’ll create an illusion of wider eyes, enhance definition, and make the eyes appear more attractive.

Cat Eye Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

The classic lash map for hooded eyes is the cat-eye lash map. It focuses on elongating the outer corners of the eyes by strategically applying longer extensions towards the outer corners and gradually tapering them towards the inner corners. This placement technique crafts a feline lifted effect, making the eyes look more open and captivating.

A cat-eye lash map for hooded eyelids
  • Length: The focal point of cat-eye extensions is the gradual increase in lash length from the inner to the outer sections. You can choose extensions ranging from 8 to 15mm for cat-eye lashes.
  • Thickness: Avoid using thick lashes for a cat-eye lash map for hooded eyes because they can weigh down the hooded eyes. You can consider thickness from 0.03 to 0.07mm with the thickest lashes on the outer segments to deliver a more impactful life.
  • Curl: A pronounced curl, such as a C or CC curl, is suitable for the cat eye lash map. This curl style helps accentuate the lengthened extensions, lifting them further towards the outer corners. The inner corner extensions might benefit from a more subtle curl to maintain balance.

The cat lash mapping adds a touch of drama and elegance to hooded eyes, drawing attention to the outer corners and creating a seductive, feline-inspired look. However, it might not work if the excess skin entirely covers the crease. In that case, doll eye extensions would be better options.

Doll Eye Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

Another fantastic choice for hooded eyes is the doll-eye style which emphasizes using longer lashes in the middle portion of the lash line and shorter lashes on the rest. Thus, this option is great for creating open-eye illusions, especially for clients with the hood area towards the middle eye section.

  • Length: A doll eye lash map for hooded eyes often features longer lashes (10-12mm) on the center and shorter lashes (8-10mm) on the sides. This strategic placement crafts a lifting effect and opens up the eye.
  • Thickness: 0.05mm-0.07mm diameter lashes are a good starting point, offering definition without overwhelming hooded lids.
  • Curl: A good all-rounder for most clients with hooded eyes is C curl because it provides a subtle lift without being too dramatic. Another fantastic option is L curl, which would be more suitable for clients with very hooded eyes or naturally straight lashes.

A doll eye lash map is also an ideal option for clients with hooded eyes, especially the hood area lies in the middle section owing to the placement of longer lashes in the center.

Wispy Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

In case your clients are looking for a more fluttery and fairy effect, consider wispy lash extensions.

A wispy lash map for hooded eyes
  • Length: A wispy lash map for hooded eyes features a mix of lengths to create a natural, textured allure. Hence, deploy shorter lashes (7mm-9mm) throughout the lash line, with a concentration on the inner and outer corners. Then, incorporate spikes of varying lengths (8mm-11mm) throughout the central part to add a touch of definition and a fairy allure to the eyes.
  • Thickness: Thinner lashes (0.03mm-0.05mm) are ideal for wispy lashes for delivering fluttery influences on the eyes.
  • C Curl or L Curl: Similar to a doll eye map, a C curl provides a slight lift, while an L curl offers a more subtle lift.

Although wispy lash extensions are ideal for clients with hooded eyes, you should avoid these lashes if the wearers have very sparse natural eyelashes or oily skin. The wispy lashes might fall out quickly in those situations, so avoid using them.

Open Eye Wet Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

Another great option to create a captivating, wide-eyed look for clients with hooded eyelids is an open eye wet lash version. This lash map involves placing longest extensions in the center and shorter extensions with lengths gradually decreasing towards two sides, creating a balanced and open appearance.

  • Length: A popular version of the open eye wet lash map for hooded eyes features placing shorter lashes (7mm-9mm) at the inner corners, then gradually increasing the length towards the center of the lash line (9mm-11mm).
  • Thickness: In terms of thickness, use thinner extensions (0.03mm) to mimic mascara for the lash base and enhance natural lashes. Besides, use 0.05mm lashes to create the spikes, adding volume and drama to the lash set.
  • Curl: C or CC curls are the most common choices to open the eye without brushing against excess skin. In case your clients have naturally straight eyelashes, alternate these curls with L curls.

The open eye wet lashes add length and volume in the middle of the eyelid and taper down at each end for symmetrical graduation. This extension placement helps craft an open-eye effect and a trendy dramatic vibe to the hooded eyes.

How To Create A Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

In this section, we’ll guide you through some easy steps on how to map an eyelash set for clients with hooded eyelids.

Guidelines on mapping for hooded eyes
  • Step 1: Prep the placement area by cleansing the eye area and applying under-eye pads to protect the lower lash line.
  • Step 2: Analyze the eye shape and the level of hooding. These are the foundation for identifying the lash map for hooded eyes that best fits your client’ desires.
  • Step 3: Determine the lash placement on the lash line and choose the extensions. It’s necessary to factor client’s preferences and the natural lash health when choosing lash length, lash curl, and lash thickness.
  • Step 4: Design a lash map hooded eyes based on the chosen lash style. You can follow our instructions in the above section for the mapping step.

By following these steps and keeping in mind the key characteristics of hooded eyes, you can create a personalized lash map that flatters your client’s unique eye shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lash Map For Hooded Eyes

Even professional lash technicians sometimes struggle with several issues while lash-mapping for hooded eyelids. Thus, we’re here to help by solving some prevalent questions.

Solve some common questions about lash mapping for hooded eyes
  • Could I use natural curls, such as B curls, to create eyelash extensions for a lash map for hooded eyes?

Using natural curls, such as B curls in this situation might not be recommended. The main reason is that these curls lack the necessary lifting effect to combat the hooded lid. C, D, or L curls would be better options for hooded eyes with their lifted effects.

  • Is a natural lash map an ideal lash extension mapping for hooded eyes?

While natural mapping is a versatile option for many eye shapes, it might not be an effective approach for hooded eyes. Natural mapping typically follows the natural lash line, resulting in a softer and less dramatic look. However, hooded eyes require strategic placement of longer lashes towards the middle and outer corners to create the illusion of lift and definition. Thus, avoid relying solely on natural mapping for hooded eyes.

  • What lash maps work worst on clients with hooded eyes?

Here’re some lash maps that don’t work well on clients with hooded eyelids. First, an extreme cat-eye lash map with long, flared outer lashes will weigh down hooded lids and make them appear even more hooded. Another terrible lash map for hooded eyes is the Kim K lash map. The dramatic spikes or clusters on the outer corners add weight and bulk that can overwhelm hooded eyelids.

Hopefully, our FAQs section has helped solve your wonders about lash mapping for hooded eyes. Keep this information in mind, and you can create a well-designed lash map to accentuate hooded eyes more effectively.


Hooded eyelids pose several challenges when mapping and applying lash extensions. However, with our detailed guidance in mind, you can confidently design a lash map for hooded eyes that complements the natural beauty of your client. This way, you increase client satisfaction and turn them into your loyal customers.






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